Will it void the car manufacturer warranty if the key was replaced?

 Will it void the car manufacturer warranty if the key was replaced?


One of the main advantages of purchasing a new car is having the protection of a manufacturer’s warranty and extended car warranty to cover the cost of any needed repairs for the length of the warranty program. However, your car’s warranty does not always cover repair services, especially if you find out that you’ve voided it unintentionally. Here are some common actions that void car warranties.


Here are some common things that can void your car warranty. One is racing and reckless driving, next is the car is damaged from a natural disaster because the car’s warranty only covers manufacturer’s defects and lastly poor car maintenance. It is important to keep up with your car’s recommended maintenance schedule to keep your car in excellent condition. 

 Always pay attention to the warranty program of your car

It is necessary to carefully assess the warranty program for your car and the owner’s manual to fully comprehend what qualifies as misuse in keeping coverage of your warranty. You would not like your insurance to be deliberately voided by using your car in a way that counts as misuse. Some insurance providers compensate for the loss of keys, and some, whether the keys or valuables are inside, would pay someone to get into the vehicle. Alternatively, specialist companies can retrieve or replace lost or stolen keys at an annual fee, and some will provide a temporary car while waiting for your replacement set.

Not all expansive vehicle insurance plans will cover missing car keys; some will include it as a standard, others will provide it as an optional bonus and some do not cover it. Considering this, check your insurance records and see that the insurer has any compensation.

Unless the insurance includes missing keys, the cost of changing the keys or restoring the locks on the car would be paid up to a defined limit. As part of their roadside assistance package, some insurers will also protect lost car keys, for example by delivering a spare key or sending an automotive locksmith.