How long does it take to open a door?

How long does it take to open a door?


There are a variety of variables influencing how long it takes a locksmith to unlock a key. Professional locksmiths will always try to open the door to your existing hardware without causing damage. Depending on what type of lock you have installed, the amount of time required by a locksmith will take effect.

Quite frequently a professional locksmith will pull a lock open. A basic euro cylinder should be fairly quick and easy for a skilled locksmith to open, however, specialist tools may require a high-security lock. If the lock is broken the locksmith cannot be able to pick the lock. It can take a locksmith from 7 seconds to 45 minutes to pick open a lock anywhere. A locksmith should usually be able to open most doors in about 10 minutes. After all course, this is accomplished by lock type. 

 Factors that may affect the timeframe of the locksmith.

Time also depends on whether the door has a single lock or if multiple locks are installed which require unlocking. Aside from this, there are quite a few variables that might affect how long a locksmith will take to unlock your door. It might be: your lock is a high-security lock, the lock is defective, another lock is stuck on your door, and the locksmith does not know it exists then the locksmith will then take some time to find this out, something might be jamming the door from opening, and when the lock is finally opened, something often prevents opening of the door.

Has that lock been upside down installed? This may cause the work to take longer. The increase in the widely available anti-bumping and anti-picking locks also impacts the amount of time it takes for a locksmith to open the lock without causing damage. Trained and professional locksmiths make it a priority to open a lock without damage. Still, locks are un-pickable sometimes. Unless the lock has a defective spring a professional locksmith will not be able to pick the lock and drill it out.