Can a locksmith bypass an ignition switch?

Can a locksmith bypass an ignition switch?


Problems with the ignition switch could be masking themselves as other problems. The most telling example of an ignition malfunction is when the car fails to start. This may be an example when the car cranks but the engine is not going to start. There’s also a chance there won’t be any cranking at all, and no real sign that the car is trying to get started. In this scenario, what you lack will be the ignition spark. This requires the ignition switch to be maintained. If the switch cannot be fixed then a replacement of the ignition switch would be needed for the vehicle.

A locksmith may do a replacement of an ignition switch. This is often expected from one of our auto locksmiths following the diagnoses. If the ignition cylinder doesn’t seem to have a problem then replacement of the ignition cylinder won’t be enough. More analysis of the efficacy of the ignition switch will be needed. 

 Can it be done on the spot or needs to be brought to a shop?

There is a risk that if it is treated on the spot this service will need to be performed at a later date. Ignition switches differ greatly between models of vehicles and can need to be retrieved from a second location. However, the locksmith should be able to arrive there on their mobile device no matter where your car is.

It seems like an automobile problem like a defective ignition switch would be under a mechanic’s purview. The reason you should use a locksmith instead of a mechanic is that this is a problem with your lock. Although the ignition switch is not the same as an ignition cylinder, both are necessary for the key to function properly. A locksmith may come to your location, as well as being a lock problem. Mechanics seldom provide a mobile service that frees the customer from using the vehicle that has been poorly functioning. When you need a new ignition switch, trust the experts.